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honest review of drdrum

Are you interested in producing your own music beats? Do you want to produce professional sounding drum beats easily without any professional experience? If you have a liking for music and would like to create some of the most amazing music beats that you have ever heard, then you need to have the assistance of popular beats creation software called Dr Drum beat maker. There are many professional music composers and music arrangers who are using the services of this software to create unique and better sounding music beats. This beat making software is easily compatible with both PC and Mac systems and is one of the best software you can opt for to make quality sounding drum beats.

Beat Making Program for Novices

If you are a beginner who is interested in creating quality and purposeful beats without needing to spend hours and hours to learn the art of beat making, then the Dr Drum beat maker is the ideal software you should possess on your computer. This software is offered with a wide range of features to create quality complex music without many hassles. It offers very good beginner friendly user interface that you can make use of to create quality tracks without much effort. You need be a software specialist to know how to use this software as it comes with clean and easy to use interface that will help you to create quality beats within no time, even if you are using the software program for the very first time.

Intuitive Layout   

Dr Drum beat making software has a neatly designed and intuitive layout. So, there will be no confusing buttons or other technical tools in store in the software that will cause any problems to create amazing music beats. Despite the sacrifice made in the technical quality, you will not feel any loss of quality to the beats output that you get from this software. You need not have to watch any video tutorials to learn how to use the program to create amazing beats and music. The program is very simple to understand even for beginners. The main sequencer screen has a neat and clearly leveled mixer that you can use to create the best music beats. The Dr Drum beat maker is the latest music beat generation software that will give beginners to develop their music creation abilities and to make quality music within no time. The keyboard controls and the drum machine are also neatly laid in the intuitive layout.

Features of Dr Drum Beat Maker   

There are many features that are on offer from Dr Drum beat maker. Apart from the easy to use and intuitive layout and interface, you will be able to adjust the beats per minute of the song with just one click. If you are struggling to keep pace with the time, then you can make use of the metronome to keep up the pace. The software will allow you to create unique beats and sounds that can rival the great sounds created in professional studios. It will just take a few minutes for you to create beat samples and turn into the DJ of the house. Dr Drum beat makers comes with a lifetime license and this means that once you pay you, but the software, then you will be getting future updates and upgrades for the software free of charge. So, once you make an investment in this software you can use it with updates for the rest of your life.   The best part about this software is that it comes with a preloaded huge library of beats and sounds that will help you to easily mix beats to any audio in a matter of seconds. With your basic knowledge about music mix, you can turn your ordinary music room into a professional studio. No matter, you have not touched a music mixing board or a sequencer before, this software is so user friendly that you will be able to bust out new beats and sound hot just within a few minutes.

All you need is to download the beat making software and you will have instant access to create the best beats that you wanted. You will never need to travel to a music studio again to create DJ beats to soundtracks and to create unique sounding music. The video tutorials provided in the program will help you to easily achieve the desired sounds. The software is loaded with thousands of professional quality sounds of drum beats, strings, piano and sax. You can make use of the 12 pad kit provided in the software interface to edit and create professional sounds out of the different drum styles already in place in the software. You will be able to create your own music and save it in studio quality sound by recording it in 44.1 stereo bit .WAV files. You can also create your own beat sounds and incorporate them with the Dr Drum beats software program. If there are sounds that have been designed from hardware, then you can use this software to get the files imported.

Final Verdict   

Dr Drum beat making software has everything that you need to create the beats and the sounds without making your brains work harder. The intuitive and easy to use interface makes professional studio quality beats creation a breeze. This software is a very cheap option when compared to many of its competitors. You will have great control over the sounds that you create and is the best software for any music creation enthusiast. The software will teach with some of the unique skills that you need to learn about beat and music creation so that you can use these skills on other programs as well. It is very easy and simple for you to upload the sounds and to make the beats sound fresh and new. The 16 track sequence will give you the access to adjust each and every single track and edit them according to your needs by simple click and drag feature.

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